Many Organisations are seeing significant benefits from introducing Coaching, in many different forms, into their strategy and development portfolios.

One of these in particular is building capability within the organisation to offer coach development as well as building an internal coaching capability.

At ShapeMyFuture, we are passionate about building coaching capacity at all levels within organisations, from the basics of coaching skills for leaders all the way through to developing a pool of awesome internal coaches.

We have excellent experience in introducing coaching into organisations, supporting the design and delivery of coaching skills programmes as well as the on-going support and development necessary to build and maintain quality internal coaching capability.

What do we offer?

From initial introductory coach training, through intermediate and advanced training packages, to an ongoing programme of quality assurance and development assessments designed to produce targeted individual or group coach development plans.  We can tailor coach development to your organisational needs and bring useful insight into creating, developing and sustaining the engagement and quality of your internal coaching pool.  We can also build specific CPD interventions around different coaching related styles or methodologies that you may wish to enhance understanding of within your coaching community.

Please contact us if you would like any kind of support in either setting up a new internal coach development programme, ongoing support of an internal coaching pool, or ways of building or sustaining a learning and coaching culture within your organisation.

Date: March 21 Category: Coach Development