It is rare in organisations that our success can be an entirely personal achievement, especially in senior leadership positions. Many of our clients find it is imperative to involve their teams in the journey to success and achievement. We can design and build any bespoke package that intertwines individual and team coaching to give you the outcome you want.

What do we offer?

Our team coaching is often linked in with 1-2-1 leadership or executive coaching packages as we find this gives the most holistic and transformational changes within a team.

We can provide team coaching that focusses on the performance of the team through supporting them to explore the team dynamics, interactions and impacts of current and future team behaviours on their performance.  We focus on building trust, the confidence to make useful challenge and share ideas, and building an integrated perspective of multiple partial teams views.

We also offer facilitation services for those challenging or significant meetings, as sometimes effective leaders need to be in the thick of the discussions with the team, not facilitating, mediating or chairing. Whether it is for an important one off discussion, a piece of ongoing team development, or defining strategy and goals, team facilitation  can add great value by keeping discussions focussed, on track, and achieving their goals, as well as adding insight and challenge to support the group to be the best they can be.

Date: March 21 Category: Team Coaching